Corey Scott

Corey is a talented and highly sought after commissioned artist located in Central Florida. Corey will bring your idea to life. Email @ [email protected] for any inquiries.

Corey Michael Scott

​I am a Texas born artist. I showed up in 1988 but didn’t start painting until 2009, when I was 21.  I wrote a lot of poetry back then and someone suggested I should try painting as a way to help with writers block. I immediately loved the way color could be used to evoke emotion. I was hooked. ​

Driven by that initial passion, I spent the next 12 years studying as much as I could. I attended the University of Houston where I studied art history with a minor in studio art. By 2011, I was producing 200+ paintings a year. I tried my hand in many styles, colors, and compositions. I have exhibited my work in commercial spaces from the Wells Fargo lobby in downtown Houston to the Baylor College of Medicine in Waco, TX. I have exhibited in Starbucks, multiple breweries, art shows, and collaborated with many non profit and for profit organizations.

You can see Corey’s new Project & and Website @