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Galactic Grams

7 Old Earth Strains, Free Flow Created on a Raw Canvas Transcended to a Digital NFT Life Form. Sci-Fi Stories of the Cannaverse! Follow and chat it up with the Galactic Gram Crew on Discord @ Email : A LampinMedia LLC / Vibe Farmer Production Multimedia Design & Co Founder : Index CEO & Co Founder : …

Galactic Grams 1st Collection NFT Release on 4/20/22

On April 20th 2022 Galactic Grams will be releasing their first collection on the WAX Blockchain Atomic Hub Marketplace. The first release will be 7 strains of Old Earth Origins. Corey Michael Scott(AKA Dr. Kullers) is the Canvas Artist on this collection. An accomplished artist and vital part of Galactic Grams family. Monica Cieri(AKA Monet) …


A project we are excited to share with you goes by the name of Galactic Grams. SpaceWeed Collectibles in NFT format. Go check out the website over at